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The Hierophant
24" x 36"
While many Tarot decks depict the Hierophant as a priest, I thought that was
too limited and chose to depict him as a teacher or librarian.

He is flanked by pillars of books.  The books contain knowledge and secrets,
but these secrets can't be shared while they're locked away in the pillars.  The
plaque on the front of the desk depicts the keys of knowledge.

The student on the left is facing the Hierophant and holding a book,
submissive to instruction and taking every lesson and rule to heart.  The
student on the right is looking out at the world, questioning authority and
wondering if there could be more to life than the rules and facts the Hierophant
imparts.  She represents the hope that we can accept the wisdom of the
Hierophant and the necessary rules of society, while still allowing room for
individual freedom and personal growth.

 International Quilt Festival, Chicago  2003
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