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The Moth and the Star
approx. 24" x 28"
This is a quilt I made for the Myths and Legends Challenge, hosted by Anne
Copeland.  It is based on the fable called "The Moth and the Star".  

The story tells about a moth who spent his entire life chasing after a star he
thought was tangled in the branches of a tree.  Everyone told him he was foolish,
but he refused to listen, and as a result he ended up outliving all those moths who
chased after the light from porch lights or street lights and ended up burning
themselves up.  When he got very old, he came to believe he really HAD reached
the star and told stories to the young moths around him, inspiring them to chase
after their dreams.

Myths and Legends 2004 - 2005

Currently on exhibit.  Not yet for sale.
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