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Queen of Pentacles
12" x 18"
Although most traditions associate Pentacles with winter, I picture the Queen of
Pentacles as a Harvest Queen, storing and preserving the bounty of summer for
the winter ahead so that she has plenty to share, to take care of her family and

She's the woman who has a fully stocked pantry, and warm, comfortable
blankets on all the beds, and a neatly stacked supply of firewood to make the
long winter nights feel cozy.  She's the woman the neighbourhood children go to
for a hug and a cookie and a sympathetic ear.  Stray animals head for her
house, knowing they'll be fed and cared for.  She doesn't throw money away
on just anything, but is glad to help those who are truly in need.

The gold pentacle in her hand shows her prosperity, while her crown of leaves
and the leaves surrounding her show her connection to the earth and nature.

Created for the Comparative Tarot limited edition deck, The Patchwork Tarot
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