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Ten of Cups
24" x 36"
In my version of the 10 of Cups, I wanted the dominant image to be the rainbow,
representing joy, hope, and promise.  A river, representing spirituality and the
emotions, runs through the landscape and meets the rainbow at the horizon.  The
rainbow arcs over the head of the viewer, continuing the circle of abundance beyond
what the viewer can see from his or her present position.

Many traditional Tarot decks show the 10 of Cups as a picture of an idealized family,
with a man, woman, boy, and girl.  I think that is too narrow a representation of
"family" for today's world.  Families come in many different sizes, shapes, genders,
and colors, and we often create families for ourselves that are very different from the
families of our birth.  So I chose to represent "family" with the cozy cottage and the
quilt hanging over the fence next to it and leave it to the viewer to imagine his or her
ideal family inside.

International Quilt Festival, Chicago  2003
This is the surprise second
quilt on the back --- my
tongue in cheek version of
the 10 of cups. :-)
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