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Snapshots: A Year in the Life of an Unloved Fabric
approx. 28" x 28"
A friend gave me a fat quarter of the pink striped fabric as a challenge because he
was convinced it was the ugliest fabric ever and that no one could do anything with

It WAS pink, which isn't my favorite color.  And it admittedly looked a little like a
cabana stripe on acid, but I don't necessarily consider that a bad thing.  

My first thought was that I wanted to make a pair of shoes with it.  Not a shoe quilt
--- an actual pair of shoes.  But I didn't know how.

So I started thinking of all the different things this stripe could be and somehow that
developed into the idea of doing a set of 12 tiny quiltlets that would be like
snapshots in the life of this fabric, and mounting them all onto a grid of black
ribbon.   (That was fun...NOT!)

In the end, I did turn a little of the fabric into a picture of a shoe, even if I didn't ever
make real shoes from it.
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